Supported Living Environment

  • Bespoke Care and Support -

A program involving residing at The Therapy Centre for two years or more

  • Access -

Access to 24 hour support as required

  • No alcohol -

No alcohol or illicit drugs permitted

  • Home Management -

Home management skills, such as shopping, cooking, washing, ironing and cleaning

  • liaising -

Liaising with other professionals and agencies  

  • Support -

Support to attend appointments

  • Opportunity -

Opportunity to develop constructive relationships

  • Support -

Support with benefit applications, debts, budgeting and money management

  • Stress -

Stress and anxiety management

  • Talking therapies


  • Relaxation therapies


  • Exercise programs


  • Nutritional guidance


  • Smoking cessions


  • Support to engage with the community


  • Support to attend volunteering training



The Therapy Centre

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Multi-Qualified and

Skilled Staff

This genuinely holistic team of professionals possess qualifications and skills in many areas including general nursing, mental health nursing, teaching, care, addiction recovery, welfare rights, smoking cessation, counseling, hypnotherapy, aromatherapy, first aid at work, health and safety and many more.

Contact Us

The Therapy Centre is open 24:7 all year round.  For general enquires please contact us between 9am to 5pm Monday to Sunday.

Address:102 Horsforth Ave, Bridlington,
                      East Yorkshire, YO15 3DF
Telephone: 01262 674801
FAX: 01262 674801

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