Complimentary Therapies

Available as Individual or Group sessions






Smoking Sessions

A Smoking cession advisor will guide you through the process of
stopping smoking. This can be used in isolation or combined with other therapies such as counseling hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming or emotional freedom therapy.

Weight Management

Lose or gain weight with an individual weight management program.
Weight is monitored weekly. Support is given to attain ideal weight and shape. Health education elements provide knowledge and understanding to motivate individuals to make conscious decisions about what they are eating. Recipes provided.

Extend Exercise

Seated and standing exercise for over sixties and people with limited mobility of any age.

Personal Development

The process of improving oneself through attending goals in order to be empowered and personally fulfilled. By being the best version of "me"; the individual can make a bigger difference in the world of which they impact.

Spiritual Development

Sessions involve finding answers to questions such as,
"Who am I?" and "What is my purpose in life?" The aim is to heighten ones sense in order to discover the 'bigger picture' and learn to live in harmony with the universe.


Meditation is an ancient approach to self-awareness,
self-knowledge and self-realisation. During the sessions, you will use your senses and be guided to a place of warmth, comfort and inner beauty, where answers can be readily found.  

Prices vary depending on service requirements.

The Therapy Cen

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Multi-Qualified and

Skilled Staff

This genuinely holistic team of professionals possess qualifications and skills in many areas including general nursing, mental health nursing, teaching, care, addiction recovery, welfare rights, smoking cessation, counseling, hypnotherapy, aromatherapy, first aid at work, health and safety and many more.

Contact Us

The Therapy Centre is open 24:7 all year round.  For general enquires please contact us between 9am to 5pm Monday to Sunday.

Address: 102 Horsforth Ave, Bridlington
                        East Yorkshire, YO15 3DF
Telephone:  01262 674801
FAX:  01262 674801

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