Recovery Games No3  17-8-2018


 The Therapy Centre taking part in our 3rd Recovery Games 17-8-2018
A total of
605 photos were taken which has been scaled down to 166
split into
2 pages. T- Shrts worn in memory of Simon Hickling


Nice pose Number one !



Getting ready for the warmup!

A number of tasked were required to be completed. Shaking hands with another group.
Running into another groups picture.
I think they were enjoying this one!


Here we go get those knees up Jo


Really Cool! Give it some!

Jo looks like your personal trainer is paying off!



Enough warmup pictures it's making me feel tired!





Came in 2nd









Another task. A selfie









Another task. Create a R&G. We had a little trouble finding the right sized people lol
Here comes the Powder Throwing! A great favourite with everyone!








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